3 Find the Best Salt Spreader for Your Needs

Spring is practically around the bend, yet we’re not out of the forested areas yet! We never realize what the last leg of winter will toss at us, so it’s best to be set up with the majority of your snow and ice expulsion gear, including your salt spreader(s). In the event that you require another salt spreader to help you through whatever is left of the winter, contact Semi Service to locate the best salt spreader for your necessities! Here’s a glance at a portion of the principal sorts of salt spreaders accessible.

Back end Spreader 

A back-end spreader is perfect for little ice clearing ventures, for example, carports and little parking garages. Like its name infers, a rear end spreader appends to the back end of your truck and is fit for holding from four to ten cubic feet of salt, sand, or calcium chloride.


Under-Tailgate Spreader 

An under-back end spreader mounts underneath the body of a dump truck to consider the customary capacity of the landfill body. In a perfect world utilized as a part of overwhelming obligation civil and business conditions, an under-back end spreader has a spread width of 4-40 ft. also, can spread mass salt and 50/50 salt/sand blend.


Container Spreader 

Container spreaders, likewise called V-Hoppers, are an extraordinary salt spreading alternative for bigger tasks, for example, parking areas and roadways. Containers have the high salt-putting away limit and are regularly connected to medium-to substantial obligation and business trucks. Sorts of container spreaders include:

  • Electric Drive Hopper Spreader
  • Gas Drive Hopper Spreader
  • City Hopper Spreader


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